Sd Solution is a part of a family company Svetlo Dizajn DOO. It provides several services such as: studio rent, cameras, lighting and grip equipment necessary for shooting different kinds of TV, film and web projects.

Located 8 kilometers from the center of Belgrade.

Sd Solution Studios are much more than just a renting space for shooting.

We are a creative team whose intentions are to provide our clients and friends with the best and most productive shooting possible.

We are focused on constantly trying to find new ways to improve the working conditions in our studios, provision of production services and the way in which we take care of our clients.



Svetlo dizajn DOO, Sd Solution studios,
Maksima Gorkog 22v Street, municipality of Palilula, Belgrade

Send Mail: office@sdsolution.rs

Phone number: +38165 889 8889

Phone number: +38163 889 02 86